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Holidays Home Work

Class – I

(Session- 2018-2019)

General Instructions:

  •  Do English,  Maths holiday home work in three in one notebook.
  • Do reading daily and learn the spellings.
  • Read English newspaper daily
  • Learn five new words daily with their meaning
  • Do one page of writing daily in four lines notebook.



  1. Read lesson- 1, 2, 3. (Two pages every day).
  2. Learn lesson-1,2 (Full exercise), Learn and write days in a week and colours name (2 times).
  3. Composition- Write”My Self” 5 times.
  4. Learn poem- White Sheep, My family.
  5. Activity- Pick out any three words every day from the newspaper, magazines or old books for 7 days. Cut and paste them in a scrap book.
  6. Learn and write fruits name.
  7. Write (10) sentences of “THIS” and “THAT”.



  1. Learn and write simple counting
  2. 1-100 (2 times) format should be
    • To X To X To………………
  3. Learn and write number names
  4. 1-10 (2 times).
  5. Practice before, after, between and put the sign (>< =) and do it in three-in-one notebook. (10 each)

4-2= 2

4+2= 6

Learn and write Table of 2 (5 Times).

  1. Do (10) sums of addition and subtraction
  2. Do (10) sums of addition on number line

Image result for number line for class 1

  1. Do page no. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 17, 24 in maths book.


  1. Learn parts of body.
  2. Learn Lines on Myself.

In a coloured A-4 size sheet, Paste Pictures of parts of body and label it.


In a coloured A-4 size sheet, Paste or draw 5 sense organs.




  1. Do neat pencil colouring in the following pages in the colouring book: “Artoons” Page no: 4 to 12.
  2. Make the following compositions on A4 size white ivory sheet and color it also:
  1. Fruit basket
  2. Landscape
  1. Craft:
    1. Make any composition on a4 size white ivory sheet and do matchstick pasting on it.
    2. Make a “Pen holder” with waste material.




  1. On A4 size sheet paste pictures for different man-made machines.
  2. On A4 size coloured sheet. Draw a picture of computer System and colour it.
  3. Learn all work done in book & notebook.







CLASS II (2018-2019)




  1. Revise all work done in notebook.


  1. Writing Composition on:-


  1. My Family


  1. My Favorite Fruit


  1. My Favorite Toy


  1. My School


  1. My Pet


  1. Write 5 Sentences of Is/am/are, use of was/were, use of has/have Preposition, Underline the noun and action words.


(Note: - Write composition & sentences in separate in their English copy)


  1. Make the given topics on A3 Size Sheet according to your Roll No.


  1. 1 to 10 Action words


  1. 11 to 20 Nouns


  1. 21 to 30 Prepositions


  1. 31 to 40 Adjectives


  1. Read two pages of English book daily.



  1. Revise all work done in notebook.


  1. Make one chart according to your


  1. 1 to 10 – Draw or Paste different types of plants (2 each Herbs, Shrubs, Trees).


  1. 11 to 20 – Safety Rules.


  1. 21 to 30 -- Collage on different types of food.


  1. 31 to 40 – Types of Houses


Note: Take Help from the book.




  • Do “Let us Revise” “Let us Recall”


“Let us Do”


  • Learn tables from 2 to 12.


  • Practice Ch-1 and Ch-2.


  • Make an Abacus on an A3 size sheet.(Use ice cream sticks/ beads/bindies (Showing 3 digits number)).


  • Do this work according to the Roll no.


Roll no: 1- 12:    Using 5 basic shapes (i.e. Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Square and Oval).


Make a clown on an A3 size sheet.


Roll no: 13- 24: Make a beautiful scene using basic shapes on A3 size sheet.


Roll no: 25-36: Make a wall hanging using basic shapes.








  • Complete these topics in your book.


  1. The natural world


  1. Science and technology


  1. Things around me


  1. Numbers & Logical skills


  1. Language and Literature.


  1. Legends and Myths




  1. Do neat pencil colouring in the following pages: Page no. 6, 7,8,9,10,13,15,16,18, in the coloring book.


  1. Make the following compositions on A4 size white sheet Ivory Sheet and colour it also:


  1. Garden Scene


  1. My School




  1. Make any activity with wool art.


  1. Make any wall hanging with Ice- Cream Sticks.




  • Paste the coloured pictures of the three different types of computers. (Desk top, Laptop and tablet) in the computer notebook on plain page and label it.


  • Cut the pictures of various parts computer from newspaper or magazines paste them in computer notebook on plain page and write the names of pictures (10 -12) sticker size.


  • Learn all work done in copy and book.H



1) Do ‘let us Revise’, ‘Let us Do ‘, Let us Recall , Try These’ and examples of Ch-1 and Ch-2.

2) Practice Ch- 1and Ch-2 for Cycle 1.

3) Learn Tables 2 to 15 write them on an A-4 Size sheet and get it laminated.

4) Make an Abacus (Model) showing a 4-digit number.


1) Learn two poems from your English book by heart.

2) Write a Paragraph on “How I Spent my Summer Vacations.”

3) Complete Comprehension Passage in Grammar book pg. no- 13, 27, 37 and 47.

4) Write ten difficult words from each chapter till L-4 and make sentences from each.

5) Learn and Practice all the work that is done so far.

6) Read three pages daily of your English Book.

G.K   1) Learn Pg. no 7-25.


1) Revise all the work done in note-books.

2) Make a Poster on any one of the Topic with a Catchy Slogan on it.

*Save Water

*Save Our Planet “Earth”

*Save Wild Life

3) Make a Chart (on A-3 size sheet) according to your Roll No:-

     R.No 1 to 10:- Different types of Transport

     R.No 11 to 20:- Movement of Earth –Rotation & Revolution

     R.No 21 to 30:- Process of Photosynthesis

     R.No 31 to 40:- Different parts of Bird

     R.No 41 to 50:- Means of Communication

Note:- Homemade chart or poster appreciated in class.

4) On A-4 Size sheet write atleast three lines, every week that how you ‘Save Water’ or ‘Save Our Planet



1) Do neat pencil colouring in the colouring book “Artoons” in the following pages: - Page no. 5 to 12, 14.

2) Make the following compositions on A-4 size White Ivory Sheet and colour it also:-

a) Village Scene

b) Birthday Scene

3) Craft :- a) Design any craft with ice-cream sticks.

         b) Make any object out of Waste material.


1) Paste the pictures of various Fields where Computers are used from newspaper or magazine

      In the computer notebook on plain page (8-10) pictures in sticker size.

2) Type the Full Forms: - ALU, CPU, IPO, CU, VDU, LCD, OS, CD, CRT in the Ms Word or Notepad

     Software. Take the coloured Printout on A-4 Size Sheet and paste them in the notebook.

3) Learn all the work done in copy and notebook.

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