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CLASS VI (2018-2019)


  1. Read newspaper daily and note down5 wordsfrom it and write their meanings along with sentences.
  2. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him/her on winning a scholarship.
  3. Write a sick leave application to the principal of your school.
  4. Complete the given story.

It was raining heavily and i…………………………………………………………………………………………

  1. Write a diary entry on every weekend sharing your feelings and thoughts about your activities you did in the week.
  2. Complete page no. 92, 93 in grammar book and revise all grammar topics done in class.
  3. Learn a poem of your choice for poem recitation competition.

Note: all the work to be done in a separate, thin notebook.


  1. Practice the work done in the class.
  2. Do the assignment in the Practice notebook.


  1. Do colouring or shading or pen art in colouring book on Page no. 73, 75, 77 and 79.

After that tear the page and paste it in your drawing file.

  1. Craft Activity:
  1. Make Folk Activity painting on A3 size white Ivory Sheet and get it frame.
  2. Make any one object on the topic:“Best Out of Waste” from magazine paper.


1.            Learn all the work done in the class.

2.            Prepare a model of:

  1. Solar System                                                                      (Roll no. 1-10)
  2. Phases of the moon                                                         (Roll no. 11-20)
  3. Heat zones of the World                                              (Roll no. 21-30)
  4. Prepare a box Containing coins, Pottery, inscriptions, Manuscripts, Stick Figures, Stone tools etc. (Roll no. 31-40)  
  5. Historical Monuments.                                                 (Roll no. 41- Onwards)
  1. Prepare Project according to your Roll no. in your project file.
  1. Unity in Diversity’ and give slogans to promote diversity (1-15).
  2. ‘India’s space program’. Collect all the necessary information from magazine, internet, newspaper etc.

Include all recent achievements of India (16-30)

  1. Life of the Harappan people(31-46)

Project should include all the relevant points, paste colourful pictures. It should be neat and in proper order.

  1. Update yourself with latest news. (In all around the world).


  1. ??? 1 ? 2 ???? ?????????- ??????? (????? ???? ??) ?? ??? ????? ??? ???? ??? ???? ?? ????|


  1. Collect the coloured pictures and paste them in A4 size Pastel Sheet.
    1. Roll no. : 1-10      Different types of computers.
    2. Roll no. : 11-20     Input and Output of computers.
    3. Roll no. : 21-30     Hardware and Software.
    4. Roll no. : 31-42     System and Application Software.
  2. Type the full forms in MS. Word by using font style features- CBI, AIIMS, FIR, HDFC, EVM, E-MAIL, HTML, NASA, URL, BCCI, CBSE, WHO, GUI, PIN, RBI, SBI, ISP, CRPF, PWD, IPSC, in the MS Word. Take the coloured printouts on A4 size sheet and paste them in your notebook on plain page.
  3. Learn all the work done in notebook& book.


  • Do page no. (7-11) in your notebook and read newspaper daily (for current affairs).


  1. Revise Chpater-1, 2 and 4 thoroughly or periodic test-1
  2. Do the assignment based on chapter 1, 2 and 4 in practice copy.
  3. Prepare a model or chart assigned according to the groups in the class.
  4. Make an innovative project in science project file according to the topics assigned Roll No. wise. (Note: Your project should consist of at least (10-15 pages).


  1. Choose ten different winds of plants growing in your neighborhood. Draw well labeled diagram or pictures of each plant and write about the kind of venation, type of root system. You should also mention special features like thorn, Prickle tendril, bulb, tuber etc. (If any)                  [Roll no. 1-8]
  2. Prepare a project on different types of joints present in a human skeleton. Explain each of them with example and pictures.                                                                                                           [Roll no. 9-16]
  3. Collect information about ten animals that are endangered. Write ways to save them and factors responsible for destroying their habitats.                                                                    [Roll no. 17-24]
  4. Prepare a project on air pollution and human activities. Also write about ways to minimize or prevent Air Pollution.                                                                                                              [Roll no. 25-33]
  5. Choose any ten food items. Classify these food items according to food components.

Write tests for starch, sugar, Proteins and fats. Also write about diseases caused due to deficiency of the particular food component in your diet with their symptoms.[Roll no. 34-40]

  1. Collect information about any ten different plants and animals found in different places. Write about their habitat and adaptation for survival in that habitat with colourful pictures.    [Roll no. 41-48]       



    CLASS- VII (SESSION 2018-19)


  2. Learn any one poem for poem recitation competition to be held after vacation.
  3. Write a letter to your friend asking him to visit your place in Delhi during summer vacation.
  4. Revise grammar topic- Sentences and tense and complete page no. 154-156 and 80-82 of Grammar  Book.
  5. Read Novel- The little women Chapter- 1-4 and Write a brief character sketch of the following character highlighting important incidences relating to them.
  6. Mrs. March
  7. Mr. March
  8. Mr. Laurence
  9. Revise the entire syllabus for periodic 1.
  10. Maths

  11. Practice the work done in the class.
  12. Solve the worksheets in practice notebook.
  13. Make a model in groups.
  14. Roll no. 1-10                       Maths in daily life.

    Roll no. 11-20                     Symmetry

    Roll no. 21-30                     Fractions

    Roll no. 31-40                     Triangles.


  15. Make a chart on Number System write rules of binary to Decimal Conversion, Decimal to Binary conversion Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.


  17. Make a well labelled model of volcano.
  18. Or

    Make a model of the earth showing the Structure of Interior.

  19. We know that democracy is the most popular form of government. But there are many countries which have non- Democratic government. Do the comparative Analysis of a country having democratic form of Government and another country having non- democratic form of Government Present it in a Project file. [Refer Chapter-27]. “What is Democracy”.    [Roll no. 1-20]
  20. Visit a nearby museum or any national or state archives and identify the various sources about which you have read. Prepare a project on your observations, discussing the various sources of history. Make it attractive by adding pictures, drawings, sketches etc.                                              [Roll no. 21-40]

  21. Update yourself with the current news around the world. Read newspapers, Watch news, read books.
  22. Revise all the chapters done in the class


  24. Revise Chapter-1, 2, 3 for the periodic test 1.
  25. Prepare a model or chart according to the groups assigned in the class.
  26. Make a project in science Project File on the topics assigned Roll no. wise. You can make your project creative & innovative by gathering information from internet/ magazines/ books etc.
  27. Select two animals living on land, two in air and two in water. Collect information on how each feeds and digests food with the help of colorful pictures or colorful labeled diagrams                           [Roll no. 1- 7]
  28. Select out any five animals from different countries and write about their adaptations that have helped them to survive there. Make a project with all the relevant information and pictures. Also mark the five countries on the world Map and paste it.                                                                              [Roll no. 8- 15]
  29. Collect information along with the pictures or diagrams of clocks that were used from ancient time to the present time. Also, write about the principle involved in their working. [Roll no. 16-22]
  30. Gather information on the types of silk produced in different states of India. Collect Pictures or samples of different types of Silk fabrics and paste them. Identify the states where each type of silk is made and mark them on a Map of India. Paste the map also. [Roll no. 23-29]
  31. Make a project on how transportation of substances occurs in plants, animals and human beings with the help of all relevant information and coloured pictures or colorful labelled diagrams. [Roll no. 30-38]


  33. DO COLOURING/ Pencil Shading/ Pen Art in the following pages of the coloring book: Page no.: 81, 83, 87, 89, and 91.After that tear the page from the book and paste it in your drawing file.
  35. Make a “Warli Painting” on A3 size white IVORY Sheet and get it framed.
  36. Make any one object on the topic “Best Out Waste” with old newspaper.






    CLASS – VIII (2018-2019)


  38. Revise the syllabus done so far.
  39. Make a poster on any of the following topic in CW notebook.
  40. Donate blood
  41. Keep the earth green
  42. Save Water
  43. Save Girl Child
  44. Stop Violence against women
  45. Learn any poem of your choice for 2 minutes for poem recitation after vacations.
  46. Complete the unseen passages in grammar books.(Page: 44, 45, 62, 63, 84, 135, 136).
  47. Write the following in your class work notebook.
    1. You are Neeta. You received a phone call from your mother’s office. Her colleague Mrs. Kapoor informs you that your mother would be delayed a she has to attend an important meeting. Since you have to go out, you decide to leave a message for your father.
    2. Write a letter to the editor of the National Daily highlighting the adverse effect of shortage of electricity in your area.
    3. Complete the given story.
  48. It was a stormy night and we were all alone in a bus………………………………………………………………………. .

  49. Read your novel.The Silas Marner chapter 1- 20. Write your understanding about the following characters.
  50. Silas Marner
  51. Dolly Winthrop
  52. Molly Faren
  53. Godfrey

    Make a Chart on Notebook.

  55. Make a diagram of Types of Network.
  56. Make a diagram of Network Architecture.

  58. Practice the work done in the class.
  59. Solve the worksheets in practice notebook.
  60. Make a Model in group.
  61. ( iii )Roll no. 21- 30                          Triangles.

    ( iv )Roll no. 31- 40                          2 D and 3D Shapes.

    ( v )Roll no. 41- 50                            Circle and its related terms.


  62. Read Lesson-3, 4, 16, 17, 30 and 31. Make note of these chapters. Try to do fill-ups, MCQ’ and matching (Use separate notebook).
  63. Visit any historical place and write a report on it (Report should be include name of the building, its builder, special features, art, architecture features historical importance etc.)[In Social science project file].
  64. Make a project and model on the topic given below as per instructions given by your subject teacher:
  65. Roll no. 1-10                                       The Revolt of 1857
  66. Roll no. 11-20                                     Natural Resources
  67. Roll no.  21-30                                    The Government of India
  68. Roll no. 31-40                                     Disaster Management
  69. Roll no. 40- Till Last Roll no.         The Indian Constitution
  70. Collect information regarding some endangered plants and animal species of India (In scrap file)

  72. Revise Chapters 1, 2 and 10 for Periodic Test.
  73. Prepare a model or chart assigned according to the groups in the class.
  74. Make an innovative & creative project in Science project file on the topics assigned Roll. No. wise.
  75. Collect samples of different types of fabrics (at least 10 fabrics). You could check with a tailor if he/she can give you pieces of left over dress material. Paste the samples in project file and write about the source, Production and uses of each fabric.[Roll No. 1-9]
  76. Make a project on eight planets and two dwarf planets of the solar systems. Your project should have information such  as mass, diameter, distance from sun, number of satellite, its special features and some more interesting factors along with the pictures or diagrams [Roll No. 10-18]
  77. Make a list of at least 10 objects made up of different materials from your surroundings. Classify them as metals or non- metals. Explain which property of metal or non- metal is used in their making. Also write uses of each material in various fields [Roll No. 19-27]
  78. Collect information on alternative sources of energy like solar energy, nuclear energy, hydroelectric energy. Highlight the effectiveness of using these sources as eco-friendly means. [Roll No. 28-36]
  79. Identify various sources of noise pollution (at least 10 sources) in our country. Explain their harmful effects and also write about the measures or steps to be taken to reduce noise pollution. [Roll No. 36-45]
  80. ART & CRAFT

  81. Do colouring/ shading/ pen art in the following pages of the colouring book. Page no. 89, 90, 93, 95, 9, 99. After that tear the page from the book and paste it in your drawing file.
  82. Craft Activity:
    1. Make any one object on the topic “BEST OUT OF WASTE” with plastic spoons.
    2. Many anyone objects with Clay.

    ( i )Roll no. 1 – 10                            Lines and Angles.

    ( ii )Roll no. 11-20                            Maths in Different Fields

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